Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Than Ten Cities Within Less Than Two Months

Have you ever feel to have traveling several cities in short time?
I have never imagine before, yet I did it in recently,,
And, It was incredibly awesome :D

Here was my route: Starting from Surabaya-Semarang-Purwokerto-Cilacap-Tegal-Pekalongan-Semarang-Solo-Pacitan-Kediri- Tulung Agung- Surabaya- Solo- Mojokerto- Jombang- Surabaya- Semarang- Tegal- Pemalang- Pekalongan ( My current location)

So how did I do this? Firstly, I would like to say that this is part of my job as an engineer- a telecommunication engineer. I would have known about it before, but I am still surprised to realize to have such experience. 
My journey was started from Surabaya. Surabaya is was the base of my work since I join the company - East Java Area. In the middle of July, I have been requested to support Central Java, then I went to Semarang from Surabaya. Just like Surabaya, Semarang is the base of Central Java. But, the actual work were on the other region whic were: Purwokerto, Cilacap, Tegal, and Pekalongan. After finished my job on those cities, I went back to Semarang.

I thought, I would be in Semarang until Ied holiday. But, I have been requested again to go back to east java. And, there I was, arrived at Surabaya on Sunday night, continued to have non-stop trip to Pacitan- Kediri- Tulung Agung within three days. After that, surely I went back to the base-Surabaya.

Ied Holiday has come, then I went back to Solo- my hometown. In the end of my holiday  leave, I planned to my friend's wedding in Jombang with visiting my friend's house in Mojokerto before the wedding. But, the day before I went to Jombang my boss asked me to support central java (I have been promised to support east java after holiday). Well, pretty sudden, truly sudden though. Thus, I re-plan my trip to be Mojokerto- Jombang- Surabaya- Semarang. 

I have two days in Semarang before going to area Tegal and Pekalongan. And, here I am being, within two weeks to explore Tegal-Pemalang- Pekalongan cities. And it will be finished on this week.

The next week I have been in Sumatera island. Can't wait for the adventures.

At last, it was pretty tiring journey, yet it was pretty joyful as well.