Friday, September 24, 2010

Antenna Workshop by Mr. Basari

Well, this is my very early post. As a beginner blogger, for me, it is quiet difficult what to write on the blog. And finally I chose to write about my recently activity, that is, let's say Antenna Workshop.

First of all, I'd like to share that antenna is one of my interest. Therefore, I'm eager to have some researches about antenna or microwave circuit. I'm also going to make my final project related to those topics. That's why, my lecturer suggested me to come a workshop (or simply lecture) about antenna in order to improve my knowledge.

The workshop was held on 23-24 Sept 2010 at Electrical Engineering Dept., Universitas Indonesia. Speaker of this workshop is Mr. Basari whom graduated from UI on 1998. I got his blog link if you want to know further. At the beginning, I was completely interesting to follow his lecture. Unfortunately, there was some assignments I had to do which made me leave the whole lecture.

The following are several things that I got from the lecture:
Day 1:
(This is the day that I miss the most)
On this day, Mr. Basari started the lecture with the basic theory about microwave, antenna, electromagnetic wave, etc. Those are things that we usually get on the class related to those subject. The formulas that makes dizzy enough were also explained *which is those are also the important one. Furthermore, he explained more practical, the correlation of those dizzying formulas with the fabrication of the antenna, which is very helpful for doing my research later. The conclusion of the first day is, he lectured about the basic of antenna, mekanism of antenna to radiate electromagnetic wave, and its related characteristic.

Day 2:
The next day, I'm pretty enjoyed his lecture espescially because I almost follow his entirely lecture. As the day before, he started to explained some basic theories that directky related to antenna measurement such as:
1. Impedance measurement
2. Radiation pattern measurement
3. Gain measurement
4. Return loss measurement
and other things related to the antenna measurement. He also explained some detailed things that probably effect your antenna measurement such as calibration, technical using of your measurement tools, and more which make you think to be careful in dealing with your high frequency stuff. Otherwise, you will get unexpected result or perhaps your couple weeks or even months work won't be valid. Moreover he mentioned that you can get more information from our measurement tools which are never known before. His lecture was ended with demonstration to use the Network Analyzer. At last, I conclude that the second day is more practical lecture, that is about to get result of antenna measurement.

That was my recent activity that also related my study on my college. And, it was absolutely helpful to doing my final project. A lot of thanks for Mr. Basari.